Currently, I am listening to the leader of DPR's VDC group speak about how they are using VDC, specifically for self-performed work.

The most striking thing about his presentation (for me) is that we aren't that far behind DPR. This is striking because DPR is one of the most advanced VDC adopters, along with Swinerton, WebCorp and Mortenson. Some of the things they (and we!) are doing is layout directly from the model, working to set up 4d & 5D the right way, and giving dimensions from the model to the field.

Because DPR self-performs, they are also providing information on formwork and shoring - and really detailed information!

One of his major points is that the superintendents (in his words, "the guy who is actually building it") needs to be a part of the creation of the model, so that they can actually use the model.

Another really interesting thing that he said was that "BIM is not paperless." So true - we, too, are providing 11 x 17 drawings to the field with dimensions and 3d views.

A few other points from him:
  • BIM isn't faster. A traditional estimate at a certain (early) stage takes 6 days and uses a combination of multiple methods. A 3d model-based estimate at the same stage takes 6 days: 4 days of modeling and up to 2 days of building the estimate from that model.
  • A way to get people to adopt is to use the technology to facilitate their current workflow, not change it.

Posted hasily from the BIMForum Boston Working Meeting - excuse any typos or grammer errors.

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Tomislav Zigo said...

Can you share any additional benchmarking data about BIM implementation within VDC, if and when they become available?

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