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BIMForum is being blogged about in Italy. Word for word from an email from John Tocci Jr.:
With phrases like:

la cui presenza rende possibili

ad esempio materiali utilizzati, soluzioni costruttive...

...anni possa diventare un’alternativa molto interessante al metodo di progettazione e sviluppo tradizionale del progetto architettonico

The BIMForum can’t help but sound good!

Roll your mouse over the word BIMForum in the above link.


Dan K said...

Here's the Google translation of what the Italians are saying about us.

In general, an approach to design according to the BIM model allows to combine the pure track 2D/3D a whole series of additional information, possibly collected in a database, which may include for example the materials used, constructive solutions, life expectancy in the time of the components ( the fourth dimension), information related to the geographical location…

In addition, the fifth dimension (5-D) reported in the previous definition refers explicitly cost parameter, whose presence makes it possible for instance analysis on construction costs already at the draft stage and, thanks to simulations on the duration of the various components of the structure , analysis on the costs of future maintenance.

Surely the potential of this approach to design are far more than I have mentioned so far, despite imposing a likely increased workload in the planning stage, I agree with those who say that in the coming years will become very interesting to an alternative method design and development of traditional architectural design.

matiu said...

Hi, I'm the writer of the post you mentioned.
I hope that what I wrote there is correct given that I've just began to take interest in BIM..
And I'm glad that the trackback pointed me to another nice source of information!

Laura Handler said...

The information seems pretty accurate - welcome to BIM. If you have any questions about BIM, VDC or BIMForum, feel free to email me directly (lhandler@tocci.com) - we'd love to get an international perspective for the BIMForum, by the way.