PIM from Manufacturers

It's been a while since I last mentioned PIM; although, it has come up many times since then.

I recently (last month, actually) received some Revit files from Visa Lighting; they asked me to comment on them. Some files are currently available for download on their site.

As standards are developed for BIMs, collaboration, and implementation, I wonder who is going to develop PIM standards (or is someone already developing them?). People (buildings, designers, subcontractors, software vendors, etc.) are constantly saying that manufacturers should be providing PIMs of their products. But how can they without any standards? What information should be in a PIM for a specific product? What are the standards for parametric object modeling?

As far as the Visa Lighting fixtures go, they are okay. They models are "complete with meta-data information; for example energy usage, IES Photometrics files and lighting calculations" (which is true). But they don't render well. And they aren't parametric - the 3D geometry is represented by an imported file. That could be a good thing (why would I need to change an object that is already modeled to represent an actual product) or a bad thing. But I can't actually decide without thinking about standards.

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Scott Brisk said...

I worked with Visa Lighting in creating these families of their fixtures. The challenge that we had was that they already had all of their fixtures drawn in SolidWorks, and they didn't want to redraw all their parts. So we exported them out as ACIS Solids, and Imported them into Revit MEP and added connectors and Parameters.

Scott Brisk