time for structure?

Since we started implementing BIM, we have gotten by on using Revit Building/Architecture for the majority of our structural modeling. (I say majority because I think our outsource options use Revit Structure.) But all of our in-house structural modeling occurs in Revit Building/Architecture; we don't actually own Revit Structure.

But this morning, I was catching up on blogs (we have a deadline a week from Tuesday, so I haven't been able to read or post during work too much!), I realized that it might be time to think about Revit Structure. At first, Revit Structure didn't offer any additional structural features that would benefit us, since most of the features related to analysis or 2D documentation. But now, I've realized that there are quite a few new features that I like (this may be old news - I'm a little out of touch right now!):
Something for me to think about before our next major project starts!

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Laura Handler said...

Although this won't affect Tocci's decision, analysis may be of interest to others: