Caring About Builders

I have been going through the run-around with Autodesk for the past 6 months over a few key issues. So frustrating.

Why doesn't Autodesk care about builders? Why should any vendor care about builders? (Although I think that Autodesk does the best job of ignoring us..congrats.)

Designers purchase more licenses of Revit. I'm guessing that a design firm that has the same number of employees as Tocci would probably purchase at least 3 to 4 times more (we have 5) - and that is a wild guess.

But builders do purchase licenses. And more than that, we inspire licenses both downstream and upstream. After we discuss the benefits of VDC with owners, they start requiring their architects to work in Revit. (And yes, this has recently happened to us!) We also have the capability to require subcontractors to work in Revit. And we have lots and lots of subcontractors on each project. However, they will only be able to work in Revit if key functionality for builders is there.

So, Autodesk (and other vendors), think big here..and show us that you care.

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mfk said...

I got a big hunk of chocolate with Autodesk stamped in it.