I Want to Use Revit MEP

But...according to our MEP coordinator, I can't. Why?

"Revit MEP is quite ideal in terms of developing MEP contract documents. The tools contained in the program greatly assist the engineer in doing HVAC load calculations, sizing of mechanical pipe, and plumbing. Establishing a decent general coordination drawing is also quite possible in Revit MEP.

"However, my experience in developing coordination drawings is greatly assisted in knowing what and how parts are fabricated. We develop coordination drawings for the purpose of fabricating a real world made up of location and serviceability of the engineered design intent. Simply saying that a drawing is coordinated, does not necessarily mean that it can be built. Means and Methods are taken into consideration when actual vendor parts are available.

"In short, the content is not quite there yet."

We need more than this. We need Autodesk to make strategic partnerships with manufacturers (like Victaulic, who has an extensive AutoCAD library) to develop objects for use in Revit MEP.


KyleB said...

We hear you on that one. More to come.

Jeff said...

This Post was written in 2007. I am wondering if anything has change with Revit MEP to make it better for creating MEP Coordination Drawing?