5D..sort of

At Tocci, we use OST for our 2D quantity surveys and had planned on using Innovaya for 3D quantity surveys. The idea was that we would coordinate these independent quantity surveys and then compile them in Timberline.

Unfortunately, that workflow doesn't seem to be working for us (for a number of reasons).

Luckily, we are now playing with QTO which seems like it could eventually offer a solution. The concept is that QTO combines 2D & 3D quantity surveying in one tool. This information would not have a direct link to Timberline, but we can export to Excel. Better than nothing..


David Kingham said...

Sounds oh so familiar Laura, I think we spoke of this previously but we too have abandoned Innovaya unfortunately, we will also be using QTO in place of OST.

Kevin said...

Innovaya looks good, but it only works with the newest version of Timberline (9.4). It wont work if you are using anything prior.

Would QTO have a direct link to your model?

mfk said...

Very familiar. I haven't completely lost hope for Innovaya, but QTO is my current weapon of choice. I wish they (atdsk) would buy oncenter so they can pirate OST 2D tools. I stoped using the term 5D. I'm really extracting quantities from a model. I like model based quantity survey beter.

RobiNZ said...

Hi Laura, Have you looked at CostX from http://www.exactal.com/

Laura Handler said...

I know what you mean about not using the term '5D'. We are trying to completely change how to talk about VDC.

We don't do clash detection, we do coordination.

We don't use BIM, we use VDC.

We don't do 4D, we build visual schedules and sequence sheets.


Unfortunately, most of the industry still thinks in terms of 4D, 5D, etc. So, we flip flop..

David Kingham said...

Not sure if you've seen this Laura, this may help bringing in quantities from QTO to excel into Timberline. We will be testing it soon http://www.event1software.com/products/officeconnectorimport/index.php

meltonbc said...

Any luck with this Event1 application and linking QTO to Timberline?