how we (collaboratively) VDC

One of the concepts that came out of ConsensunDocs BIM Addendum is the BEP: BIM Execution Plan.

The BEP basically outlines how a BIM/VDC-enabled project team can work together. However, the document doesn't actually define the content of the BEP; it only offers guidelines for the type of information that should be in a BEP.

I am currently working with a team at design firm, outlining our BEP. This won't actually serve as a legal document (I think); it is more like our plan for working together. The content of the BEP (at least this one in particular) is somewhat technical: you model this, I'll model that; these are our project phases, etc. etc. The actual content of the BEP doesn't actually deal with the 90% sociology (have you heard one of the latest quotes about BIM/VDC: it's 10% technology, 90% sociology?).

The amazing thing is that in developing the BEP together, we are taking care of the 90% sociology. To develop it, we are compromising on standards, file formats and methods. And by doing that, we have created an undocumented BEP. If we had to document it, it would probably say, "If something goes terribly wrong or we have a problem, pick up the phone."

We haven't started co-habitating in the model (yet! - more on that later), and I'm sure that when we do, we will encounter our share of issues that cannot be solved by referring to our documented BEP. But at least we will be able to lean our collaborative relationship and work it out. And I think that is the point of all of this, no?

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