Revit 2009 for Builders

I've already read a lot of post about new features in Revit 2009, so I'm sure you all have too. But I'd like to highlight some of the features that offer benefit to builders (and some things that I'm not so thrilled with!).

Mental Ray
Much higher quality rendering capability will help us communicate design intent to the field much better. I'll share some comparative renderings that we've done some other time, but if you haven't seen it, just trust me on this one. I also really love the new Materials interface; it is much more user friendly. That really needs to be applied to many other dialog boxes, especially with reference to family organization. Could Revit be moving towards helping us manage an object library!?

Sloped Pad & Curved Edges in Slopes Slabs
Anything that enables us to model more accurately is a good thing.

Dimension Overrides
Dimensions can be overridden with text (but not with another dimension value). Also, users can add text strings above, below, before and after the dimensions.
I am really concerned with this modification. I understand that there are occasions where architects need to add text to dimensions, but I really don't want this to be an excuse to model less accurately.

Phase Mapping Between Linked Projects
The interface for this is a little confusing, but this will be great for projects with multiple models (which all of Tocci's are) where the models were created by different sources that didn't coordinate project standards.

Foundation Improvements; Improvements to Concrete Modeling
Any improvements to controlling accuracy are good. I don't like when Revit automatically tries to do anything, though, so I'm concerned that concrete beams and columns will automatically join to slabs, walls and foundations when their geometries overlap. If I want something joined, I'll join it!

I am so excited about being able to export warnings from the Review Warnings dialog. So excited. It will also be nice to show all warnings associated with a specific element.

Selection Count
Definitely one of those little things that makes Revit easier to use. The filter dialog lists the number of elements in each category as well as a total element count. There is also a little icon in the status area that counts the total number of elements selected. A good thing for when someone asks "how many of those windows are there in the project" - which happens.

View Navigation Tools

Okay, I really don't like ViewCube or SteeringWheel. I am probably not use to them, but I am not a fan. And why does SteeringWheel only work in perspective views. I want it to function like the 'feet' tool in NavisWorks (I think its actually called walk, but thats not what we call it), which I understand converts the view to perspective, but still. I don't like having to make a camera view to use SteeringWheel.
I really like the 'feet' tool.

Recent Files Windows
Another new thing that I don't really like
. It just bugs me. I want to customize it and get rid of the links to the Revit Web Library, etc.

File Navigation Dialogs
This is one of those things that I got used to in AutoCAD and then was really irritated by in Revit. You can add your 'current folder' to 'places', so that you don't have to navigate through tons and tons of folders to get your Revit file. Another one of those little things.

And most importantly.....
Phasing & Groups
The first thing I did is testing the functionality between phasing and groups. And it's fixed! It is only one of the several major issues that we were having with Revit, but it's actually fixed! I'm so relieved.

As soon as I get approval for the NavisWorks beta (soon please? I entered the codes in last week!), I will start playing with that.


David Kingham said...

I entered the codes for the NavisWorks beta last week too Laura and nothing yet, at least I know it's not just me!

Laura Handler said...

It looks like it took them some time to approve everyone, but I have it - hopefully you have yours too.