3d modeling & mechanical contracting

Today, I attended a presentation at on how Cannistraro, a mechanical contracting firm, does coordination.

For many of their projects, they model and coordinate using AutoCAD MEP and then clash in NavisWorks, to see if they missed any issues - sounds familiar.

One of the interesting things that the presenter brought up is how they convey the information to their pre-fab shop. I've heard rumors that other MEP subs export a BIM to CNC for automatic fabrication. However, at Cannistraro, the information is communicated to the pre-fab shop the same way Tocci's VC group communicates most information to the field: 2D documents that shown dimensioned 2D & 3D views of the model.


Dan K said...

Lots of subs use "advanced Fly-Through digital computer modeling". It allows them to view the construction from the optimal perspective. Maybe they don't link CAD to CNC but they do capitalize Fly-Though. And, in my book, that's worth something.

mbaird said...

A lot of the MEP contractors who we have worked with that have embraced BIM seem to be using Cad-Duct for producing 3D shop drawings, which they in turn use for fabrication.

So when their sheet metal gets delivered to the site, each piece has a bar code that when scanned tells where in the building it goes, along with assembly information.

I am a bit confused why a company that seems as progressive as Cannistraro hasn't taken the next step to full automation & production.

hyoonx said...

Based on my experierence, major sheetmetal subcontractors in the east coast area have been using 3D model for their automatic fabrication, as well as shop drawing production.

Also, I saw, now, mechanical pipe trades and sprinkler trades started to use 3D model like sheetmetal trades.