as-built modeling

As one of our earliest VDC-enabled projects wraps up, we are starting to figure out what to deliver to the owner, in this case Starwood Hotels.

(FM Model 101: Part of an as-built model is really developed over the course of construction - geometry is updated based on design updates and modifications due to construction. The other part is the information required for facilities management.)

Without direction from owners, we can't sure the level of detail needed in either case. When we developed our modeling "LOD", it was based on what we needed to create deliverables for construction. Although we indicate that we can provide a model for owners to use, I'm not so sure we can - without the appropriate direction and feedback. It is much like how we can't really use designers' models, as is.

I'm not really expecting a general standard for this. Much like everything else, standards will have to be updated project-project, based on the team, use of the model, etc. But a little direction would be helpful, and much more productive for everyone involved.


RobiNZ said...

From my POV you first have to define "Owner". I'd say our requirements for an "Operations BIM" would probably be rather different for a building we owned, vs one we lease.

Common to both would be the space (rooms etc), operational aspects (power/data/lighting) and Asset detail but actual construction detail is probably on little use/interest for a buiding we occupy rather than own.

ShawnF said...

Check the USACE's Roadmap or contract language, wanting an As-Built model and you, as a contractor, getting extra points for adding COBIE (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) information on BIM objects.