Autodesk RFP & Collaboration

Autodesk recently issued an RFP for 'architectural services'. The RFP was issued to several architects who were to pick a GC to work with in an IPD fashion. The objectives of the RFP are (paraphrased):

1. To select an integrated team for the tenant fit-out for the new HQ of Autodesk's AEC Division
2. To develop a design which creates a environment that presents the breadth/depth of Autodesk applications
3. Use the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, which leverages early contribution of knowloedge through the utilization of new BIM technologies
4. Meet an aggressive schedule

And of course, the team will use Autodesk software.

I think it goes without saying that this would be a pretty phenomenal project to work on - from a promotional standpoint, if nothing else. More than that, it is a chance to use and prove this technology with an owner that clearly believes in it.

The timing of this RFP is interesting, as Tocci is currently working with Teng & Associates to figure out how to collaborate in a model, which seems to be a part of IPD. So far, thanks in large part to some help from Autodesk, we have found a few work-arounds to checking each others work and limiting access as needed (because let's face it - it seems to be that the fewer people working in a model, the better).

However, there is no clear way to "safely" collaborate in a model: we cannot restrict access to specific actions based on username (which isn't really fool proof anyway, because it's very easy to change a username in Revit). We also cannot create any kind of audit of actions in a model, which would probably be useful for Tocci-only projects, too (although Tocci modelers know that I have my ways of finding out who did what...)

It will be very interesting to see how Autodesk supports an IPD with Revit - for their own project.

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David Kingham said...

Hmm I suppose Design-Build would not be eligible? Do you have a contact for this Laura? I wasn't able to find anything online.