Collaborating in the Model Strategy 1

As we work with Teng to figure out how to collaborate in the model in real-time, we are testing different ways for 'gate keeping'. There is trust between team members, so no one is worried about malicious destruction of the model; the concern is unintentional moving of objects.

Strategy 1: Worksets

Scenario: Teng will 'check out' various worksets, so that Tocci cannot inadvertently move any objects.

Tocci Can: Modify Type Parameters including Assembly Code (good) and Wall Thickness (bad)
Tocci Cannot: Move Objects (good), Change Object Types (good), Change Instance Parameters such as Sill Height (good) and user-created parameters like Schedule Start and Schedule Complete (bad).
Issues: What if Teng forgets to checkout worksets? Also - is Teng set up in a way that certain Teng users can always have specific worksets checked out or will it interfere with their workflow?


mbaird said...

What happened to the old BIM Forum?

Thomas said...

Saint-Joe.com is working on launching a data-sharing version-contolled repository allowing multiple, concurrent authors.
The way this works is like so:

1. Alvin checks out PigHut-01.dwg from the repository.
2. Theodore checks out PigHut-01.dwg from the repository.
3. Theodore makes changes to the location of the windows and saves the file back to the repository. PigHut-02.dwg is generated.
4. Alvin makes changes to the shape of the fireplace and saves the file back to the repository.
5. The repository collaboration software (i.e. "the collaborator") compares Alvin's changed PigHut-01.dwg to PigHut-02.dwg. As long as Alvin's changes do not overlap the changes made by Theodore they are applied and PigHut-03.dwg is generating containing both sets of changes.
Repository holds Drawings 01, 02 an d 03 using version control

Dan K said...

Do you know, "Saint Joe will support any data request, BIM to paper, BIM to standard data files, even one application BIM to another application BIM."

really, "even one application BIM to another application BIM."??

I only wish it read,"even one application B.I.M. to another application B.I.M."

Thomas said...

Saint Joe Inc. announced the April 15, 2008 release of the Wide Area Storage Partner (a.k.a. WASP™), a hardware and software server device using patent-pending Value-Add Share Technology (a.k.a. VAST™). This server was developed specifically for the design community of architects and engineers using B.I.M. to allow seamless collaborative file-sharing with integrated version control. Each local server automatically mirrors uploaded data and documents at the partner sites, allowing each site to maintain the current project in a local, onsite server repository. The integrated version-control feature allows customers to “roll-back” design changes and integrates direct data backup with increased reliability. Contact Bill Ingerman: e-mail bingerman@saint-joe.com for more information.