BIMstorm has been brought to my attention through a few different channels, so I thought I would share it.

From what I understand, it is basically a charrette to discuss and utilize BIM technology, standards, etc. to make decisions in real time. I think.

According to their website, a BIMstorm can be used for scenarios such as:

  • Real time cost and area / program calculation linked to 2D and 3D models.
  • Web enabled tools to allow for multiple users to collaborate in real time.
  • Massive Real-Time Collaboration
  • A series of rapid-fire live charrettes or a BIMStorm™ to design projects at warp speed.
  • When decisions happen in real-time, and are linked together through open standards based exchanges, potential errors are spotted faster, and a proper trajectory is created
  • Sustainable decision making
  • Open standards based exchanges
  • Watch the on-line presentation or participate
  • Useful Tools: Archicad, City GML, DDS, Elite CAD, Google Docs, Google Earth, Go To Meeting, IFC, Knowledge, MS Excel, MS Word, Navis Works, ONUMA Planning System, ONUMA BIMXML Converter, paper, PDA, pencil, Revit, Skype, Webex, OGC WFS, 3G cell phone (listed here, but not all are necessary to have a full working knowledge of)

The London BIMstorm is scheduled to be at the same time as the BIMForum June meeting (in Lake Tahoe CA), so we have been discussing developing a synergy between the two meetings, somehow. Should be interesting.

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