After several weeks, I have been given permission to "make some noise" about our upcoming project with KlingStubbins - Autodesk's AEC headquarters.

The project has a new Integrated Project Delivery contract model where the architect, contractor and owner sign one contract. The process will be very BIM-centric and prescribes model relationships fairly intensively.

Needless to say, we're all pretty excited.


Miguel Krippahl said...

I see why you stopped mentioning VICO

Jason H said...

Awesome - can't wait to hear more about it - i was involved in setting up the CAD on some large institutional projects here in New Zealand using a similar contractual relationship model, these projects went ‘together’ very well with the use of ‘BIM’ to underpin this new form on contract.

Refer to this link for more information:

Laura Handler said...

Well - we actually might start using Vico on a project, because the architect is working in ArchiCAD and it just makes sense. As a builder, we really need to be able to work with any file format. I look forward to expanding both our Vico & Bentley capabilities, but it will take time to develop expertise on all the software programs out there. It looks like it will depend on what we get from the design team.