Revit Template

Today, I spent about half the day at KlingStubbins, so that we could merge our individual Revit templates and create a template for the project. It wasn't easy, definitely a lot of give and take on both sides, but we did it.

In addition to our individual parameters, browser organizations, view templates and phasing standards, we had to include solutions for issues like project number (which was just adding an addition parameter, under Project Information, for a second project number - I'll have to update our
sheet templates so that they look to that new parameter).

We definitely caught ourselves saying things like, "But we don't use that" or "We don't traditionally do things this way", and then had to remind ourselves that this wasn't a traditional situation and compromised.
When I left today, we had developed the joint template and it was actually really satisfying to see all the "TBC" and "KS" naming standards side by side.

We also started planning for our first collaborative modeling effort for the project - the existing conditions model. We developed scopes for each team member and protocols for sharing the model (before we get Steelheads of something like that set-up). KlingStubbins will start modeling tomorrow, and we will join in sometime next week.

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mfk said...

If you plan to use QTO are you giving any consideration to a naming convention that facilitates quantity survey?