Why IPD Works

Last week, we had the project kickoff meeting for the Autodesk HQ Project. We started the meeting with a review of the fundamental reasons why IPD works, with Howard Ashcraft, the author (one of the authors?) of the IPD contract we are using for the project.

Optimizing the whole
Since individual participants can only succeed if the entire project success, individuals are incentivized to work together.
Collaboration unlocks creativity Diverse viewpoints will produce more creative ideas, in both quantity and quality.
Self healing organization
Minor failures lead to major catastrophes. Since individuals are working as unified team, small issues are brought up and resolved, rather than covered up.
Challenges spur creativity
People are known to "rise to the occasion". However, as Howard said, we want "heavy breathing" not "hyperventilating". When the challenges are too great, individuals become defensive, which negatively impacts collaboration.

It was really helpful to start the kick-off meeting with an overview of the principles, and we have been downloading those principles to other team members that weren't at the kick-off.

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