A Beautiful "BIM Moment"

Last week, at the weekly BAT (Building Advisory Team - a group of Autodesk employees that represent the various departments for design input) meeting we had an amazing "BIM Moment".

We were reviewing a potential feature in the building, with the hope that we could come to a decision. KlingStubbins had prepared a number of views, showing the feature. After going through the series of images, no one was sure if the feature was an effective enough design component to approve it. Offhand, one of the representatives from Autodesk offered to prepare a walk-through of the feature for the end of the meeting, but most people were convinced that the feature wasn't going to happen. The feature was tabled until then.

Later that day, rather than a canned walk-through, we actually walked-through the feature live, using FreeWheel. As a feature, it was hard to control (or at least it appeared that way), but after that we really understood the feature and its impact. After walking through the space, observing the feature as a user in the building, everyone realized that the feature did have a significant design impact.

Decision made: BIM saved the design feature - it will be included in the project!

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