BIM Workshop

One of the scheduled items required in the IPD contract is a BIM Workshop, where the team meets to discuss specific standards and processes relating to the BIM. We assumed that this was a time to discuss items in the BEP (BIM Execution Plan), a concept that (we think) was born during a Virtual Project Charrette involving Johnson & Johnson, Tocci & KlingStubbins.

There were specific requirements for the BIM Workshop, but most of those were covered in our BEP (and then some) so we stuck with our basic BEP template.

In a typical project, where the owner is less tech-savvy, the designer and builder would work together with minimal input from the owner. Because Autodesk is the project owner, we were able to have Autodesk staff at the BIM Workshop to contribute to strategies and review content. We had representation from all the Autodesk tools we are going to use: Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, QTO, and NavisWorks.

It was very helpful to review some of our ideas relating to gatekeeping, roll-back, etc. with the Autodesk team and get their feedback. I should clarify at this point that construction and design are sharing a model for this project - I refer to it as The Model. One topic that seems to be the most problematic is modeling strategy. For instance:

Another major concern is interfacing with the subcontractors in the model. Some subs will be in The Model, so we have to figure out all sorts of things (how, when, etc.).

Hopefully, we will be resolving these types of issues and testing new strategies over the course of the project.

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