BIMForum Lake Tahoe Meeting in Summary

The AGC BIMForum Lake Tahoe meeting is over (sort of – John will give his report to the PIAC tomorrow morning, but other than that, it’s done). Last week, I actually considered not going – because of how much project work we are doing right now. But John wouldn’t let me back-out; he said that the short- and long-term value of the meeting would be far greater than the short-term cost of unplugging from project work for a few days.

He was right. The past two days were incredibly beneficial. The theme of this meeting was Collaboration, and several series of presentations shed a lot of light on the topic – my “to do” list has just about doubled in length because I want to implement or research all of the things that I’ve heard about.

The BIMForum also spent some time refocusing its mission, purpose and activities. Its simple; we want to make “this stuff” work, now – with the tools we have available now. The BIMForum is looking to become more deliverables based, using the BIM Addendum as a guide. We had a “spaghetti throwing” deliverables session, where everyone at the meeting suggested deliverables for the various subforums. We called it “spaghetti throwing” because we were “seeing what stuck” to the wall. The subforums met, made Deliverable Execution Plans (DEPs – because we need another TLA) for the ideas that “stuck” and then presented those to the group at large Friday afternoon.

After the DEP presentations, we had a series of rapid fire technology presentations: Bentley ConstructSIM, Vico Conceptual Estimating , McGraw-Hill Design Studio, HKS ArchEngine, Autodesk QTO, Beck Dprofiler, and PolyCom/Smartboards. Each had 15-minutes to demonstrate the technology.

All (well, most) of the presentations will be available on BIMForum soon, along with the DEPs. If you don’t have access to the BIMForum, click here to register.


Scott Davis (Autodesk) said...

Don't forget to add Autodesk to your list of Rapid Fire Technology presentations. We showed QTO, Quantity Take-Off.

Laura Handler said...

Oops - it's added now! Scott, thanks for presenting QTO. We've been using it or about 6 months and see a lot of potential in it. I think it was helpful for everyone to see a basic use of it in real time, to understand the steps and the process time.