How Many Files is a Model?

More importantly, how can we coordinate all of those files.

Gehry Technology mentioned is that most of their models are made up of thousands files. Coordinating all of those files, considering both spatial and version control, is quite a challenge. I think at this point, most people using any kind of BIM-authoring software agree with that.

GT is actually looking to the film industry to potentially answer this. Apparently, computer graphics animators subcontract various components of the project. So, the hair gets subcontracted to a hair expert in one part of the world; the skin gets subcontracted to a skin expert in another part of the world. Those components need to be coordinated, and their files are actually 10 times are larger in size than ours.

Hopefully, GT will share the results of their investigation with us in the future, so we can improve our model coordination efforts.


ShawnF said...

Laura, this is one of the reasons we use ProjectWise. It does all of what you ask, and more. Is it a popular choice amongst the folks in the AGC? No, but no one ever said you had to be popular to do good work. :)

David said...

In regard to very large files: I believe this limitation (of some BIM-authoring software) is largely due to software that does not support 64-bit, multi-threading, an optimised graphics subsystem, or distributed computing (sp. grid computing). But, I could be wrong.