Autodesk and Bentley to Advance AEC Software Interoperability

Some exciting news.

Autodesk and Bentley Systems today announced an agreement to expand interoperability between their portfolios of architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) software.

Autodesk and Bentley will exchange software libraries, including Autodesk RealDWG, to improve the ability to read and write the companies’ respective DWG and DGN formats in mixed environments with greater fidelity. In addition, the two companies will facilitate work process interoperability between their AEC applications through supporting the reciprocal use of available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

With this agreement, the companies aim to improve AEC workflows by enabling broader reuse of information generated during the design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructure, and by enhancing the ability of project teams to choose among multiple software sources.


And from what we are hearing (ish): this happened because of AGC and the BIMForum. After every meeting I carrier the message back that you guys were demanding interoperability between us. I know that they were conveying the same message to their people as well.

And here, I was worried about the BIMForum producing white papers and best practices documents (which we of course, still will do!). Little did we know, that we were helping in whatever small way to deliver interoperability.

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