AU Classes

For whatever reason, I dislike the interface for scheduling AU classes. Or maybe I just don’t feel like sitting down, going through all of the classes and figuring it out (all while trying to figure out if anyone else from Tocci can go, and what classes would make sense for them).

To make scheduling easier for everyone else, I have to recommend the following two classes:

CR114-2 BIM 101: A Crash Course for Builders (taught by John Tocci, Jr. and "others")
CR310-1 Using IPD and BIM: How KlingStubbins, Tocci, and Autodesk® Are Working Together to Build Autodesk's Waltham Office (taught by myself & the other BIM Leads on the project)

See John Jr. - I told you I would mention BIM101 - and I even listed it first!

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