BIM With Others

The BIMForum is planning the fall meeting (to be held in DCish on October 2nd & 3rd). The theme of the meeting is "BIM With Others", so we are looking for presenters who can speak on:
  • What is the content that the different parties provide? What are the interfaces with respect to: Content/Scope, Format, Level of fidelity, Level of detail?
  • What is the process map for the model / information exchanges?
  • What transfer mechanisms exits between the parties?
  • What are the feedback mechanisms in the model evolution process?
  • Viewpoints from different disciplines: designers, contractors, subcontractors, MEP, Pre-cast, Structural, Curtain wall.
  • Design practices e.g. model freezes, modeling standards.
  • Maps of the delivery processes/
  • How big of a problem are exchanges in the industry? How formal of a process do we need to have or are we just intuitively doing the right thing?
  • Examples of what works, what does not work.
There is a call for presenters on the BIMForum's website, but if the form is too much work or you just want to run your idea by someone, feel free to email me, Dmitri or John Jr (or all three of us!).

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