Virtual Construction Hiring, Again!

I recently looked at the number of posts I wrote for the past few months and realized that I have been terrible at posting, especially considering that I’m working on so many exciting things that I want to share. I guess that is really why I’m not posting – because I’m working on so many things. (Although because of all of the traveling I’m doing this week, I’ve had a lot of chance to catch up in airports, so you’ll see a lot more.)

This brings me to my actual point; Virtual Construction at Tocci is swamped and it looks like things are going to get busier. So, we’re hiring. The positions that we are focusing on filling are:

Virtual Construction Planner
Virtual Mechanical Construction Coordinator
Virtual Construction IT Administrator

Although, we would consider hiring additional Virtual Construction Modelers or Coordinators if the right person stopped by!

Jack Short and me with resume, etc.

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