Co-locating, Part 1

Since sometime in June, I have been working one or two days per week at KlingStubbins’ office in Cambridge – although since July it’s been consistently two days. I sit with the design team, at my own desk and computer there. Originally, this was our solution for model-access – whenever I needed to do work in the (our) models, I would just come to work at KlingStubbins. We looked into other options (i.e. Steelheads), but co-locating just made more sense from a timing and cost stand point, and now that we are about a week (okay, a week and a half) away from “pencils down”, I think we made the right decision. After “pencils down” (i.e. design is complete), the model will be turned over to Tocci, where we will host the model until project completion, with KlingStubbins’ BIM Lead co-locating at our office.

Sarah & I working together - no model, though!

The team at work - I'm near the end.

Reviewing the process for modeling walls in three components!.

Co-locating certainly gave me the opportunity to input content (mostly parameters and views) into the model, but the majority of my work at KlingStubbins wasn’t actual model contribution. I was able to review and document material selections and options, review schedule and milestones, explain modeling strategy for walls, plan meetings, etc. A lot of this could have been accomplished over the phone (and to be honest, on the days that I worked in the Tocci office, it was), but it was definitely easier in person.

More importantly, I really think that it created a sense of team and understanding – at least it did on my part. During “their” deadline weeks (for instance, permit deadline), I really felt the stress and tension, and on more “fun” day (for instance, the folding paper days), I was able to understand the concept behind their design. Since I understood why things were happening, I was in a much better position to communicate to other team members (at KlingSubbins, Tocci, etc).

And one of the other benefits of co-locating – since I don’t actually know the phone number for the phone at my desk and no one else from Tocci is co-locating, I have minimal distractions. My KlingStubbins days are so productive.

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