"Functional" Renderings from the Autodesk Project

I know I've posted on our field renderings before, but ones we recently did in Revit 2009 for the Autodesk project are so amazing that I have to be redundant.

We post these on site, so that the field staff has a better sense of the overall design intent for areas. For this project, we are placing between 12 and 14 renderings on site. Even though we have a shared model with KS, these are Tocci-produced renderings. We definitely benefited from the renderings that KS did during design - a lot of the custom materials were already set up, and we had access to all of the JPGs KS used.

It was really exciting to place the boards on site - when I placed the above rendering, the drywaller came over and started discussing how the cantelevered piece of the curved wall could be supported as well as the ideal order for sequencing the drywall and the metal ceilings. It was exactly what we were hoping would happen!

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