RE: Modeling Walls

An email that was sent to me a few weeks ago:

I’ve done some research and I thought I’d pass along what I’ve learned.

Wood Stud Framing:

Intelliframer – www.intelliframer.com – A stand alone Wood Framing modeling program.

KeyPanel – www.keymark.com – More of a wood wall panel framing program. Geared more towards engineering and production of wall panels and trusses.

Metal & Wood Stud Framing:

Metal Wood Framer by StructSoft Solutions – www.structsoftsolutions.com – A Revit Structrure plugin that converts walls to stud framed models.

There is limited information on the quality of the programs from experienced users. We have not purchased any of the above yet, but we’re debating between Intelliframer and StructSoft. My issue is the quality of the software and the company behind the software. Are they going to disappear tomorrow, or is there longevity to the program that they are offering?

Good point - we definitely wasted some time/money investing in developing systems/standards for software that hasn't panned out. But I'm definitely going to have to look into the listed programs a bit more.


Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World said...

Here is my take on it. Could be great products anyway.

http://www.structsoftsolutions.com/ is down so I cannot access it.

"BuildersCAD is the single most powerful software available to automate and produce every aspect of your building design." - this just sounds too good to be true. If it was that good I would have heard about it but then I have not heard about everything. Is it more powerful than Revit?

KeyBuild says: "Interface to AutoDesk’s Architectural Desktop 7" - sound like they don't know about AutoCAD Architecture and a version 7 has never existed.

"Since its inception, Keymark has been the leading software innovator for the construction industry." - haven't heard about them either.

vaughnmr said...

I used Keymark (KeyTruss and KeyPanel) for 6 years. KeyPanel is unbelieveably difficult to set up (plan on months). Interface to ADT really means that you can import and export DWG. This software is really aimed for the truss/wall panel manufacturers only, although the structural module can size members.

Barry said...

Looks like you had an extra "T" in the URL...


at least these guys have the correct version number on there site. (revit 2009)

And here's one more:

I've never used any of them...

Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World said...

Barry, thanks for finding the link.

NavisWorks JetStream seems to still be sold by them. Quite a time ago it was around with that version.