Sneak Peek at ConsensusDOCS BIM Addendum on Wednesday, April 30th

Rick Lowe, the chairperson of the BIMForum Legal Subforum, and Deborah Griffin, one of the contributing members, will share key points from the BIM Addendum, that they have been working on.

For more information, see this announcement on BIMForum!

Laser Scanning Training

We are about to start our second laser scan project. Although we were happy with the results of the last one, I think we can improve because of both our past project experience...and because we actually (sort of) know how to do it!

Last week, Tocci's Virtual Construction Coordinator & I received condensed trained on laser scanning.

It was really fun. We scanned the lobby of Tocci's office from three different places and tied them together in Leica Cyclone. We learned a little bit about modeling directly from the laser scan, and also how to create various deliverables from the scan data (PTS for NavisWorks, TruViews for the web). And now, we have a laser scanner for our use!

I don't think that we actually go out and scan a project right now, even with the appropriate tools, because it clearly takes quite a bit of experience to scan efficiently and effectively. However, I think we could perhaps do a small scan - maybe to verify accuracy of field installations or something. None the less, it was good to be exposed to the basics - it will definitely help us spell out the requirements for our upcoming project.

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Collaborating in the Model Strategy 2

Continued from here.

Strategy 2: Pinning

Scenario: Teng will pin objects, so that Tocci cannot inadvertently move any objects.

Tocci Can: Modify Type Parameters including Assembly Code (good), Wall Type (bad), Modify
Instance Parameters such as Sill Height (bad) and user-created parameters like Schedule Start and Schedule Complete (good).
Tocci Cannot: Move Objects (gPublish Postood),
Potential Issues: What if Teng forgets to pin certain objects?