BIM for Electrical

Yesterday morning, John Tocci presented on the Autodesk Waltham project. When one of our co-location images was shown, Jim Bratton (Dyna Electric) leaned over to me and remarked that he was disappointed that the only person not using a computer was the electrical engineer.

I was really excited to clarify the image for him. During the working meeting, it didn’t make sense for the electrical engineer to bring his computer over to model – his actual desk was right around the corner. After we resolved items through discussion, he went back to his machine to model in Revit MEP. Furthermore, the electrician had access to both PDF/DWF of the design documents as well as the Revit model. Even though they aren’t technically BIM-enabled, they were so excited about the process that they staffed a full-time person, on site, to navigate through the model for extra information as needed.
This just goes to show that even subcontractors that aren’t BIM-enabled can utilize the model in some capacity. Additionally - the "E" in Revit MEP is functional.

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Erik said...

The "E" in Revit MEP is one of our biggest frustrations. Some issues are related to not getting the CDs that look the way the company is used to, but that seems to be the least of the worries.
Load Categories don't match NEC requirements.
3-phase electrical systems aren't developed enough.
Conduit doesn't exist so a piping family must be used.
ANd let's not talk about Panel Reports (but that's 2D documentation, which is not Revit's strong point in general(IMHO))

I'm glad to see others jumping in though.

Now if I could just get sloped piping to work...