Cleaning Up on Site

One of the features of “full” IPD contracts is that project participants (who are involved in the IPD team) bill “at cost”. For us, this includes architecture, design MEP, CM, MEP/FP subcontractors and drywall. This creates an interesting dynamic on site – where the most appropriate and cost efficient participant performs work that may not traditionally be considered in their scope. This forces all to focus on optimizing the whole. This includes tasks from layout to using lifts/equipment to cleaning up on site.

Traditionally, we require our subcontractors to clean up on site. However, in this case, we didn’t want a trained specialty contractor spending time cleaning up on site when we could have a Tocci laborer do the same work at a reduced hourly rate. So, we “bought back” that typical scope component and are adding to the project savings for everyone by spending less.

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