Defining IPD

The theme of the January BIMForum meeting at La Quinta was the Path to IPD; although, when the theme was first selected, it was referred to as “BIM-Enabled IPD”. Why the change? As the conference chair, David Morris (EMCOR) explained in the keynote: the conference planning committee was comprised of 6 people and 8 different opinions. Some people defined IPD strictly as a contractual form, much like the AIA295 (the Project LLC contract) and Consensus Docs 300. Others saw IPD as integrating design with construction in any fashion (i.e. design assist).
It seems like the fate of IPD is similar to that of BIM: it will mean something different to everyone.
For what it’s worth, I define IPD as a specific tri-party form of agreement/contract that sets up a framework for people to work together more effectively.

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Howard said...

The term Integrated Project Delivery is being used for a broad range of project processes, only some of which are truly integrated. Although I don't believe that a specific contract form is required, true integration requires 3 elements. 1) Early involvement of key participants with open sharing of information; 2) Sharing of risk and reward on a project, not individual, basis; and 3) Joint management of the project. Although the extent of these characteristics may vary from project to project, they all need to be in an integrated project to instituitionalize the values of collaboration and provide the team with the tools to manage the project and affect change.