Metrics from Structural Modeling

One of the early presentations at the BIMForum meeting discussed the use of structure model on Solaris, a 420~,000 SF mixed used project in Vail, discussed by Wayne Muir (President of Structural Consultants Inc.) and Chris Allen, (Manager of VDC at Weitz). The structural model was used to a great degree on the project, and many specific noteworthy points were brought up. I will touch on just a few of them in a few posts.
On the project, SCI (the structural engineer) contracted directly with the owner, and it was determined that the model would be used by both design and construction team members.
Because of the modeling during design, SCI delivered more accurate information to the construction team during DD. In fact, at DD, the deliverables for Weitz and the subcontractors was drawings, specs AND the 3D model. And for specific components (for instance, the complex roof structure), the model governed when there were discrepancies between the model and drawings.
The metrics: Sub bids for the steel package, budgeted at $30,000,000, were within $100,000 of each other. Sub bids for the precast package, budgeted at $8,000,000, were within $5,000 of each other.


Tom said...

This is a pretty forward-thinking approach.

Tom said...

This project suggests the future of BIM:
Structural engineer directly contracting with owner.
Producing 3D Model directly from analytical (particularly for SD/DD)
Handoff of the model to the contractor/detailer at some time.
Schedule improvements and reliable pricing due to reduced risk.
If the system used IPD, then the engineer could gain-share on the value added to the early delivery for the client and builder.