Boston Revit Users Group

Whenever I see other blogs referencing Revit Users Group, I am jealous. Partially because I don't live in same geographic location, so I can't attend. And partially because there isn't an active Revit Users Group in Boston....until now!

If you are in the area (or not, I suppose!), please join the Boston Revit Users Group: http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Revit-Users-Group/

Our next meeting is on March 26, and will preview Revit 2010, from Autodesk (with NDA of course), at their new HQ in Waltham (and yes, they have occupied the building!).

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Revit Market said...

That's great, Laura! I'm joining now. Do you think you could add Revit Market to your blogs list? Thanks. http://revitblog.turbosquid.com