Modeling for FM

We haven't seen a lot of demand for facilities management models from owners. Despite that, we're trying to push baby steps. Some contractors have developed far more sophisticated FM deliverables - Holder specifically comes to mind. Since the demand is low, we are taking very simple approaches, just to demonstrate to owners just a little bit of the value. One example uses hyperlinks to cut sheets for specific components and views of areas.
We implemented this concept for a hotel project - aloft, a new brand for Starwood. We created what we refer to a 'maintenance documents' (we have to make up a name for everything, right?).

We also included walk-throughs of each unit on a CD, with the walls set to transparent. This has enabled maintenance staff to understand the exact location of system components, without having to learn any software.

Very simple, but for this situation, it made sense. And hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to implement a more comprehensive solution for an owner who really wants it.

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Erik said...

It's always nice to see what Tocci is up to. :)

BTW, I really enjoyed the Webinar that you were a part of yesterday (Contractors in the Forefront.)