ROI for BIM: What One Cranky Owner Would Like to See

The BIMForum's most recent meeting was a few weeks ago in Dallas and focused on the value of BIM from 30 day to 30 years. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of talk of ROI (including a panel I moderated on Friday), but the presentation that is getting the most buzz is John Moebes' presentation on ROI from an Owner's perspective. He titled his presentation: "ROI for BIM: What One Cranky Owner Would Like to See".

A quick summary: he doesn't want to hear marketing or talk of "BIM use" unless it is having a dramatically profound influence on fees, schedule or construction costs. He doesn't want firms to proudly submit savings from clashes found. He doesn't think that less bad is good enough. (Which is true; although, less bad is better than worse...) As he said: "Owners don't pay for clashes, they pay for a properly coordinated model." (I take some exception here; owners don't pay for a properly coordinate model; they pay for a properly coordinated end product.) 

He has provoked a lot of discussion (for instance here and here) - both negative and positive reactions abound (although the BD+C article seems to be drawing more of the negative). Initially, I found his presentation difficult to listen to (after all - Tocci is building a Crate and Q5 is consulting on several others!), but upon reflection I completely agree with what he is saying. Our industry needs to stop congratulating ourself for "doing BIM" (why do people even say that?) and start actually utilizing Virtual Design & Construction to improve projects.

I commend John for saying what need to be said, even though it may be hard to hear.

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