Hollywood BIM

Lately, we have started talking about Hollywood BIM - you know, BIM that looks really nice or that is used to win a job, but functionally doesn't help the project or process at all. For example, a beautifully rendered logistics plan, showing cranes whirling around in circles - that the super and subs never see or use.

The latest AECbytes viewpoint article discusses this is some respect; their focus is actually on moving past the "BIM hype" into real, transformative BIM that addresses business issues.

The next you see some "really nice BIM", make sure you look behind the curtain to see if its real or Hollywood.

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Christopher Hubbard said...

Otherwise know as "BIMwashing"

We saw this term a few weeks ago playing off the "Greenwashing" term from LEED.

I agree. We even talked to a Contractor who bought Navisworks manage and only uses it to make 4D movies to win projects. Completly Hollywood