IPD Without BIM...

At a meeting on Friday, we (meaning KlingStubbins, Tocci & Autodesk) were discussing concepts of IPD and BIM. In his definitions of BIM and IPD, Phil Bernstein seperated the two concepts: BIM is a technology-enabled process; IPD is a contract. He acknowledged that it is very difficult to disentangle the concepts, as it is hard to imagine doing IPD without BIM:

As he said, "I guess you can do heart surgery with an exacto knife, but I think there are better tools available."

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PhillipG said...

I might suggest that the separation could be called "BIM, the technology-enabled design-to-build process," and "IPD, a innovative project delivery paradigm" that's a logical successor to the progression of DBB, CM, and Design/Build. Just to expand the thought.