Manufacturer Content

So we have a submittal deadline Friday for New Street. And we (Tocci's VDC department) are responsible for some of the drawings that will be included in the submittal set - specifically HVAC and plumbing. (As described here, modular has a different submittal and approval process).

Four days away from the deadline (so yesterday), the team decided to change the heat pump to a Mitsubishi instead of a Daikin. So we are in the middle of a "quick" update and remodel.

We have a cut sheet for the unit, but before I started modifying a family to reflect the Mitsubishi characteristics and dimensions, I called them to ask about any additional product data. In the conversation, he asked what I was doing with the information, what project, etc. - and it came out that I needed to model it in Revit.

As it turns out, he sits next to the guy who models all of the Mitsubishi units in Revit, so he's going to email it to me. This was all about 10 minutes ago, so I'm still waiting for the email. Fingers crossed for a good family..


mtyp said...

Any luck with those families?

Wim Tas said...

Please let us in on the Mitsubishi content.

Erik said...

Good Luck. We've found manufacturer content to be so hit-or-miss. Often a great place to start though.

But you knew that already... :)

Laura Handler said...

So yes - I got the family. And I plan on reporting back in detail tomorrow.