Revit 2010 Enhancement

I just got off the webinar Autodesk put together for a few bloggers on the Revit Platform 2010 Subscription Advantage release of Revit (coming...soon). Others have already posted some information (like the new interface for keyboard shortcut management), but there are a few things I'd like to highlight:

Revit Architectural will now have a wood framing extension tool, for walls only. My team is really excited about that, but after trying out MWF and others and finding that it was hard to manipulate, we are trying to temper our expectations.

As someone pointed out during the demo, the extension missed a few studs when framing (hard to see in screenshot):

This feature seems like it is the largest major upgrade. There are a lot of other small upgrades and additions that we're mentioned like conditional formatting in schedules, conversion of models lines to and from detail lines (this may be major for A/Es, but isn't for us), more structural capabilities in architecture (trusses, curved beams, beam coping tool - see image below - and decking improvements). The major MEP improvement seems like performance; although, they aren't allowing us to "turn off" calculations while doing layout.

Another nice thing is that subscription users will recieved Image Modeler, which enables conersion of images to DWG models. It is a nice existing condition modeling tool, which we are in the process of testing, but isn't really a replacement for laser scanning, with regard to accuracy. We are also looking at a similar competing product, PhotoModeler.

Another extension that we will have access to is Revit Model Review, the product acquired from Avatech. We played with that for a while, but never found a practical way to use it on projects. Maybe now that we have it with Revit, we will...

Overall, I'm looking forward to the upgrades and definiately enjoyed the preview. Thanks David and others for coordinating and presenting...

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