Commentary on You're the Boss

One of the many non-BIM blogs that I read/skim is "You're the Boss", a NY Times blog about running a small business. Specifically, the author, Bruce Buschel, is starting a restaurant, which I have found fascinating.

Yesterday, he wrote a post about the progress of construction on his new restaurant and had a few interesting things to say, which I think reflect the state of our industry. The overall theme of his post is truly about planning and expresses the need for the transformation we are working to make, through VDC. A few great quotes:

"...So the plumber is at work, playing Twister with the HVAC guy as the electricians dance around the carpenters..."

...There are drawings upon drawings, and then changes upon changes upon those drawings. Everywhere you look, rubber bands contain the drawings, 24 inches by 35 inches, rolled up like parchment-paper communiqu├ęs between Jefferson and Adams..."
Buschel is impressed with the ability of architects to visualize and understand design using 2D plans, because he has no ability to do so - like so many other people in the industry. Only as he stands in the partially completed space, he starts to see "this materialization of a thousand decisions made so long ago in the abstract".

I think this is a struggle for so many, who cannot visualize the end space. Once they finally see it,

I would have loved to show Buschel a BIM of his project, sometime during design. As a contractor, we suffer from indecision,
late decision, or change of mind. All three are costly and time-consuming, and as Buschel points out, test the paitence of the team. We don't like to see owners struggle to make decisions, and honestly, much of the indecision comes from lack of information. What do the options look like? Cost? What is their impact of schedule?

VDC clearly cannot solve all of these issues, but can help good teams extract and position information to move forward with design and construction.

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