Hello MEP Gamechanger

Revit MEP to MAP Products

It's real, right!?


John T said...

unfortunately, I don't see how it's that much different from our existing workflow:

1) take RMEP file. Export to 3D DWG as solid w/ centerline as well.
2) use the design line tool to pick the 3D routed centerline of duct and populate the system.

In both cases, it looks like you'll ultimately end up in the ACAD bolt-on.

...but I'll be the first to admit I don't spend much time in CAD pipe and duct to know for sure if this is slower or faster. I'll ask my MP guys.

Laura Handler said...

When I talked to Cannistraro about this, they seemed to think that it doesn't require retracing and information goes back and forth. Their understand also was that information comes through. They are meeting with TSI next week, so hopefully we'll know more then.

Nobody said...

Make them take one of your Revit files, export it, then import it into your MAP database using your services.

Talk with whoever manages your MAP database about what they'd need to do to get this to work on their end.

While it looks impressive on the surface, MAP software requires a lot of setup and maintenance and with all things, there's other underlying issues and holes. Is it better than nothing? Yes. Is it a "game changer"? Far from it.