Structural Workflow - Revit to ASD

Last week's BRUG meeting focused on structural workflow, from design to fabrication. One of the three presenters was Derek Gilbert, a Technical Specialists from Microdesk, who presented on Revit Structure and AutoCAD Structural Detailing (ASD). ASD comes with the Revit Structure Suite.

It looks like Revit exports direct to ASD and then users can use detailing macros to add connections, piece marks and create shops. I don't believe there is a bi-directional workflow, but it seemed like updates can be sent from Revit to ASD.

I noticed a "formwork" button, but Derk told me that functionality is not quite ready. Hopefully soon, as we have a massive CIP project we are starting! We have been looking at Tekla for this and more, so it will be interesting to compare the two platforms. Although functionality is key, we're also interested in going with the product that most fabricators use. Collaboration is a huge driver of our software decisions.

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