Surveyor Navis Plug-In

One of the limitations of Navisworks relates to quantities and exports. I think we can use the API to aggregate quantities, but my programming skills and resources are next to nothing, so it is still a limitation to me!

Until now....? I just got a marketing email for Navisworks Surveyor
, a plug-in that organizes exports from Navisworks based on Search Sets. I could see this being very helpful, as we use Search Sets ad nauseum to organize our models. Once we set up a file, we could extract quantities directly from the Search Set, making it easier for the cost engineer to understand "what the quantities are coming from". (Although, yes, they could do this with QTO, too.)

This could definiately expand our supers' capabilities. If they need quantities for ordering, they can just extract them!
This looks pretty interesting, even though the interface is a little tough looking. And until December 31, they have a BOGO sale for Navisworks customers. I'm still digging into it, though. Is anyone using this?

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