View Range

Someone has finally managed to simply explain "View Range"! View Range is one of those things that I always struggle with. Hopefully now, I won't.

We use DesignReform's tutorials a lot for training, so I'm happy to add this one in! Thanks David - now you just need to explain View Range for RCP.


dfano said...

no problem :) I'll post the family in a bit.

John T said...

Using view ranges & 3D Orient to view in conjunction with 2D floor plans specifically prepared for your MEP trade contractors is a pretty powerful tool.

Just watch out -- orient to view ain't the fastest command in town when you've got 1.2 GB worth of review models loaded/linked...

But view ranges are clutch (especially since we can't get temporary dimensions on 3D or 2D section & crop boxes.)

David Haynes said...

View Range for RCP is tough. In RCP looks up and not down. Also the cut plane is below the top clip plane and view depth. Bottom clip plane is not used in RCP.

It has been my experience that vertical soffit walls do not show up well.