BIMForum Next Week!

I can't believe that the BIMForum is next week - in my mind, we were just in Philadelphia. I'm really excited about this meeting because we're starting a day early (optionally) to tour BIM-enabled prefabrication facilities of several subcontractors, local to Phoenix. Although we are noticing a few more BIM-enabled subcontractors in New England, there are so many more sophisticated firms in Phoenix.

I think the actual meeting content will be excellent as well - practical, good presenters sharing lessons learned and best practices.

If you aren't registered yet, there are a few open spots left...and plane tickets are still fairly reasonable. Presentations won't be available to those who don't attend, so if you can swing it, you should. I'll try to take good notes for everyone, but you all know how that goes!

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Allison Smith said...

Have a graat time Laura! I'm sad to miss this one.