Filling Out the Team

We are looking for team members to join what we are now referring to as our 'World Series championship' VDC team. I have posted the two position descriptions here and here, on
our website, but here are a few key points about the positions:
  • Currently there are two positions available - one VDC Modeler and one Coordinator; however, we anticipate hiring two additional modelers once we have filled the other positions.
  • The Coordinator needs MEP experience, to take our coordination, optimization and prefabrication processes to the next level.
  • We'd love for the VDC Modeler to be a Registered Architect or PE.
  • All positions require the emotional engagement with Tocci and its projects. That means an understanding that you are working on something bigger that yourself and the willingness to dedicate yourself to it.
Send resumes to me.

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