Bentley & iPad

Follow up to post from last week on Bentley Navigator and the iPad. Okay, Bentley - time to get it into the development cycle.

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Kung Fu Drafter said...

It seems to us at Kung Fu Drafter that at least part of the future for "mobile BIM models" lies in augmented reality applications like this. We see a future where smart phones, ipads, other tablets and MID's use the device GPS units to locate the unit in space and project a view of the model in real time. This type of application would make it possible for project managers, RPR's, and foremen to view the model's representation in real time while on the site.

Unfortunately, the state of tablet interfaces and combined hardware is not at the level needed to pull this off. We are going to have to see at least one generation of these MID's pass with processor surpassing the fast ARM SnapDragon or A4 processors. In addition there will have to be a even greater evolution in the operating systems for these devices that has the power of a desktop OS with the interface capabilities of a tablet or smart phone.

But all in good time ...

- KFD -