Innovation Through Challenges with BIM

Recently (okay, 3+ months ago), I read this article, by Hilda Espinal, Director of IT Design Applications at Perkins+Will, which I have been meaning to share. The article details how the BIM was used on the Rush University Medical Center and some of the challenges that the team faced as they utilized BIM. I always appreciate when teams are willing to share the challenges as well as the successes, as the "lessons learned" stories seem to be the most interesting and valuable. There are a lot of great thoughts in the article, but I really like how Hilda concludes, discussing the benefits versus the challenges of using BIM on the project:
Not so long ago many of us would have considered the use of BIM in a project of this magnitude and complexity as quite irrational and in some cases impossible. Today, for the exact same reasons, it is hard to imagine executing a project delivery without it.

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