Not that SketchUp is BIM, but..

I don't actually think that SketchUp is BIM, but some people are saying that it has some potential, especially with the new release.



RFC said...

It would sure be a whole lot cheaper than Revit.


Babak said...

That's true. It some how reminds me of the advent of Personal Computers in the early 80s!! I read somewhere that one of the recognized managers of a big company (IBM i think) had told that therre might be a world market for 5 personal computers!! :D
Google and Sketchup has provided the opportunity for developing free and effective software tools for small contractors who are not willing to pay for luxurious BIM software. they are large in number but distributed and have small pockets. Just like potential PC customers in early 80s

Galen said...

Quite interesting indeed.

I just wonder if this is more intriguing due to the ease of SketchUp or the cost…